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onlinereceiver.net is gestopt. We bedanken alle bezoekers die gedurende de afgelopen 10 jaar ons gesteund hebben. Het is een plezierige uitdaging geweest om de ontvangers en vaste streams in de lucht te houden. Je kunt meer lezen over mijn beslissing om te stoppen in mijn weblog @pa3ang.nl.

onlinereceiver.net has stopped. We thank all visitors over the past 10 years for their support. It has been a challange and fun to operate quite a number of receivers and deliver fixed streams. You can read more on my decision to stop in my weblog @pa3ang.nl (in dutch).

vy 73 de Johan, PA3ANG.
Note: Occasional the RX320D receiver in Zwolle or in New York is online, both in a private environment.
You are welcome to visit, but no 24/7 service guaranteed.

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